Joshua 20:7
appointed: Heb. sanctified Kedesh: Kedesh, called Cadesa, or Caidesa, by Josephus, was situated in Upper Galilee, twenty miles south-east from Tyre, according to Eusebius. The cities of refuge were distributed through the land at proper distances from each other, that they might be convenient to every part of the land; and it is said they were situated on eminences, that they might be easily seen at a distance; the roads leading to them being broad, even, and always kept in good repair. Kedesh and Hebron were at the two extremities of the land, the former being in Galilee, and the latter in Judah, both in mountainous districts, and Shechem was in mount Ephraim, nearly in the centre. Bezer was east of Jordan, in the eastern part of the plain opposite Jericho; Ramoth was about the midst of the country of the two tribes and a half, being about the middle of the mountains of Gilead; and Golan, the capital of Gaulonitis, was situated in the tribe of Manasseh, in the land of Bashan. As this institution is considered as a type of Christ, some expositors observe a significancy in the names of these cities with application to Him as Our Refuge. Kedesh signifies holy, and our refuge is the holy Jesus. Shechem, a shoulder, "and the government is upon his shoulder." Hebron, fellowship, and believers are called into the fellowship of Christ Jesus our Lord. Bezer, a fortification, for he is a strong hold to all them that trust in him. Ramoth, high, or exalted, for him hath God exalted with his own right hand. Golan, joy, or exultation, for in him all the saints are justified, and shall glory. Jos 21:32, 1Ch 6:76 Shechem: Jos 21:21, Gen 33:18, Gen 33:19, 2Ch 10:1 Kirjatharba: Jos 14:15, Jos 21:11, Jos 21:13 mountain: Luk 1:39 Reciprocal: Gen 12:6 - Sichem Gen 23:2 - Kirjatharba Num 35:14 - three cities Deu 19:9 - then shalt thou Jos 17:7 - Shechem Jos 17:18 - the mountain Jos 19:37 - Kedesh 1Ki 9:11 - of Galilee 1Ki 12:1 - Shechem 2Ki 15:29 - Kedesh 1Ch 6:57 - the city of refuge 1Ch 6:67 - Shechem 2Ch 11:10 - Hebron Psa 60:6 - Shechem Psa 108:7 - Shechem Jer 4:15 - mount Ephraim Mat 4:15 - Galilee Mar 3:7 - Galilee