Joshua 19:12
Chislothtabor: Called Chasalus by Eusebius and Jerome, and placed at the foot of mount Tabor, eight miles east of Diocesarea. Jos 19:22, Jdg 4:6, Jdg 4:12, Psa 89:12 Daberath: Josephus, who calls this town Dabaritta, or Darabitta, places it in the plain of Jezreel, or Esdraelon, on the confines of Samaria and Galilee. It is probably the Dabira which Jerome place towards amount Tabor, in the district of Diocesarea; and the Debora or Daboura, mentioned by travellers as a village at the foot of mount Tabor. Jos 21:28, Dabareh, 1Ch 6:72 Japhia: Probably Japha, a city of Galilee, near Jotapata, mentioned by Josephus. Reciprocal: Jos 19:18 - Chesulloth Jos 19:34 - Aznothtabor 1Sa 10:3 - Tabor 1Ch 6:77 - Rimmon