Joshua 18:24
Ophni: Probably the same as Gophna (ע being often pronounced as G); which, according to Josephus, was about fifteen miles from Jerusalem, towards Shechem, says Eusebius (Onom. in φαραγξ βοτρους.) Gaba: Gaba or Geba, according to Josephus, was not far from Rama, forty stadia from Jerusalem, and, according to Eusebius, five miles from Gophna, towards Shechem. Jos 21:17, Ezr 2:26, Neh 7:30 Reciprocal: 1Sa 13:3 - Geba 1Ki 15:22 - Geba 1Ch 6:60 - Geba 2Ch 16:6 - Geba Neh 11:31 - from Geba Isa 10:29 - Ramah