Joshua 18:19
bay: Heb. tongue, Jos 15:2, *marg. Isa 11:15 the salt: Jos 3:16, Jos 12:3, Gen 14:3, Gen 19:25, Num 34:3, Deu 3:17 this was the: The borders of this tribe on the north were the same as those of Ephraim on the south, and his southern boundaries the same as the northern borders of Judah; but drawn from west to east, instead of from east to west - Jos 15:1-12, Jos 16:1. As the inheritance of Benjamin did not extend to the Mediterranean sea, and no other sea or lake is known to have been in those parts, perhaps this depression, "compassed the corner of the sea southward," - Jos 18:14, should be rendered, "made a circuit on the side next the sea towards the south;" for it seems to connect the northern border, in the preceding verses, with the southern which follows. Reciprocal: Jos 15:6 - Bethhogla Jos 18:21 - Bethhoglah