Joshua 13:4
the land of: Jos 10:40, Jos 11:3, Jos 12:7, Jos 12:8 Mearah: or, the cave Aphek: This is probably the Aphek spoken of in 1Ki 20:26. 2Ki 13:18, as the capital of the kings of Syria; and the same as is mentioned by Sozomen, Eusebius, and Theophanes, as situated near the river Adonis - now Nahr Ibrahim between Heliopolis and Byblos, and celebrated for the infamous temple of Venus the Aphacite. The village Afka, situated in the bottom of a valley, and hour and three quarters from Akoura, and three hours' distance from Lake Liemoun, is supposed to occupy its site. Burckhardt, however, could not hear of any remains of antiquity in it neighbourhood. Jos 19:30, 1Sa 4:1 the Amorites: Jdg 1:34-36