Joshua 10:31
Lachish: Lachish was also situated in the south of Judah, seven miles south from Eleutheropolis, according to Eusebius and Jerome. It appears to have been anciently a very strong place; for though the people were panic struck, and the Israelites flushed with success, yet Joshua could not reduce it till the second day; and the king of Assyria afterwards was obliged to raise the siege. Jos 10:3, Jos 10:5, Jos 12:11, Jos 15:39, 2Ki 19:8, 2Ch 11:9, Isa 37:8, Mic 1:13 Reciprocal: 2Ki 14:19 - fled to Lachish 2Ch 25:27 - Lachish 2Ch 32:9 - Lachish