Deuteronomy 30:11
it is not hidden: Or as the word niphlaith implies, not too wonderful for thee to comprehend or perform; but easily to be acquainted with, and understood, because clearly revealed: neither is it afar off; it was proclaimed in you ears from mount Sinai, and is now proclaimed in the sanctuary: it is not in heaven; for it has been already revealed: neither is it beyond the sea; that you need travel for instruction, as the ancient philosophers did, or seek instruction from men, at immense labour and expense; but the word is very nigh to thee; brought to thy very doors; in thy mouth, and in thy heart; made so familiar as to afford a topic of common discourse, that it might be laid up in the memory and reduced to practice. Psa 147:19, Psa 147:20, Isa 45:19, Rom 16:25, Rom 16:26, Col 1:26, Col 1:27 Reciprocal: Ecc 7:24 - General Luk 10:11 - notwithstanding Rom 10:6 - Say not