Deuteronomy 25:4
shalt not: In Judea, as well as in Egypt, Greece, and Italy, they made use of beeves to tread out the corn; and the same mode of threshing still obtains in Arabia, Barbary, and other eastern countries, to the present day. The sheaves lie open and expanded on the threshing floors, and the cattle continually move round them, and thus tread out the grain. The natives of Aleppo still religiously observe the ancient humane practice, inculcated by this law, of permitting the oxen to remain unmuzzled when treading out the corn. muzzle: Pro 12:10, 1Co 9:9, 1Co 9:10, 1Ti 5:17, 1Ti 5:18 treadeth out: Heb. thresheth, Isa 28:27, Hos 10:11 Reciprocal: Num 22:32 - Wherefore Job 24:11 - General Isa 30:24 - oxen