Deuteronomy 2:9
Distress not the Moabites: or, Use no hostility against Moab, Num 22:4, Jdg 11:17, 2Ch 20:10 Ar: Ar was situated south of the Arnon; and was called by the Greek writers Areopolis, and thought by them to be so named because the inhabitants worshipped Αρης, or Mars. St. Jerome says that it was destroyed by an earthquake when he was an infant. Burckhardt supposes that the ruins of a small castle called Mehatet el Hadj, may be the site of this ancient city. Deu 2:5, Num 21:15, Num 21:28 the children: Deu 2:19, Gen 19:36, Gen 19:37, Psa 83:8 Reciprocal: Gen 19:38 - children Deu 2:37 - unto the land Deu 29:16 - through the nations Jdg 11:15 - Israel took 2Ki 3:25 - Kirharaseth Isa 15:1 - Ar Jer 27:5 - and have