Deuteronomy 1:10
your God: Deu 10:22, Deu 28:62, Gen 15:5, Gen 22:17, Gen 28:14, Exo 12:37, Exo 32:13, Num 1:46, 1Ch 27:23, Neh 9:23 ye are this day: This was the promise made by God to Abraham - Gen 15:5, Gen 15:6, which Moses considers now as amply fulfilled. Many suppose the expression to be hyperbolical; and others, no friends to revelation, think it a vain, empty boast, because the stars, in their apprehension, amount to innumerable millions. But, as this refers to the number of stars that appear to the naked eye, which only amount to about 3,010 in both hemispheres, the number of the Israelites far exceeded this; for independently of women and children, at the last census, they amounted to more than 600,000. Reciprocal: Gen 13:16 - General Gen 46:3 - I will Gen 48:19 - become Num 10:36 - many thousands of Israel Eze 16:7 - excellent ornaments Heb 6:14 - multiplying Heb 11:12 - as the stars