Acts 25:1
into: Act 23:34 the province: By the province, Judea is meant; for after the death of Herod Agrippa, Claudius thought it imprudent to trust the government in the hands of his son Agrippa, who was then but seventeen years of age; and therefore, Cuspius Fadus was sent to be procurator. And when afterwards Claudius had given to Agrippa the tetrarchy of Philip, he nevertheless kept the province of Judea in his own hands, and governed it by procurators sent from Rome. he: Act 25:5, Act 18:22, Act 21:15 Reciprocal: Mar 13:9 - take Luk 21:12 - before Act 10:1 - in Act 24:27 - Porcius Festus Act 25:15 - when