Acts 23:5
I wist: Soon after the holding of the first council at Jerusalem, Ananias, son of Nebedenus, was deprived of the high priest's office, for certain acts of violence, and sent to Rome, whence he was afterwards released, and returned to Jerusalem. Between the death of Jonathan, who succeeded him and was murdered by Felix, and the high priesthood of Ismael, who was invested with that office by Agrippa, an interval elapsed in which this dignity was vacant. This was the precise time when Paul was apprehended; and the Sanhedrin being destitute of a president, Ananias undertook to discharge the office. It is probable that Paul was ignorant of this circumstance. Act 24:17 Thou: Exo 22:28, Ecc 10:20, 2Pe 2:10, Jud 1:8, Jud 1:9 Reciprocal: Exo 34:29 - wist 2Sa 15:3 - there is 2Sa 16:9 - curse 2Sa 19:6 - thou regardest Job 34:18 - General Psa 138:1 - before Joh 18:22 - Answerest Tit 3:2 - speak