Acts 22:6
that: It is evident that the apostle considered his extraordinary conversion as a most complete demonstration of the truth of Christianity; and when all the particulars of his education, his previous religious principles, his zeal, his enmity against Christians, and his prospects of secular honours and preferments by persecuting them, are compared with the subsequent part of his life, and the sudden transition from a furious persecutor to a zealous preacher of the gospel, in which he laboured and suffered to the end of his life, and for which he died a martyr, it must convince every candid and impartial person that no rational account can be given of this change, except what he himself assigns; and consequently, if that be true, that Christianity is Divine. that: Act 9:3-5, Act 26:12 Damascus: Gen 14:15, Gen 15:2, 2Sa 8:6 about: Act 26:13, Isa 24:23, Mat 17:2, Rev 1:16 Reciprocal: Luk 2:9 - and they 1Co 9:1 - have