Acts 22:24
The chief: As the chief captain did not understand Hebrew, he was ignorant of the charge against Paul, and also of the defence which the apostle had made; but as he saw that they grew more and more outrageous, he supposed that Paul must have given them the highest provocation, and therefore, according to the barbarous and irrational practice which has existed in all countries, he determined to put him to the torture, in order to make him confess his crime. Act 21:31, Act 21:32, Act 23:10, Act 23:27 that he should: Act 22:25-29, Act 16:22, Act 16:23, Act 16:37, Joh 19:1, Heb 11:35 Reciprocal: Mat 27:13 - Hearest Joh 18:12 - the captain Act 21:33 - and demanded Act 21:34 - into Act 22:29 - examined him Act 28:18 - General Rom 15:31 - I may 2Co 6:5 - imprisonments 2Co 11:25 - I beaten