Acts 21:1
we were: Act 20:37, Act 20:38, 1Sa 20:41, 1Sa 20:42, 1Th 2:17 and had: Act 27:2, Act 27:4, Luk 5:4, Luk 8:22 Coos: Coos, Cos, or Co, now Zia, is an island in the Aegean sea, one of those called Cyclades, near the south-west point of Asia Minor, and about fifteen miles from Halicarnassus. Rhodes. Rhodes is a celebrated island in the same sea, southward of Caria, from which it is distant about twenty miles, next to Cyprus and Lesbos in extent, being 120 miles in circumference. It was remarkable for the clearness of the air, and its pleasant and healthy climate, and chiefly for its Colossus of brass, seventy cubits high, with each finger as large as an ordinary man, standing astride over the mouth of the harbour, so that ships in full sail passed between its legs.