John 9:5
long: Joh 1:4-9, Joh 3:19-21, Joh 8:12, Joh 12:35, Joh 12:36, Joh 12:46, Isa 42:6, Isa 42:7, Isa 49:6, Isa 60:1-3, Mal 4:2, Mat 4:16, Luk 2:32, Act 13:47, Act 26:18, Act 26:23, Eph 5:14, Rev 21:23 I am: Our Lord here claims one of the titles given by the Jews to the Divine Being. So in Bammidbar Rabba, 15, fol. 229.1, "The Israelites said to God, O Lord of the universe, thou commandest us to light lamps to thee, yet thou art the light of the world." It was also a title of the Messiah - see Isa 49:6, Isa 60:1, and in a remarkable passage of Yalkut Rubeni, fol. 6, it is said on Gen 1:4, "From this we learn that the holy and blessed God saw the light of the Messiah, and his works, before the world was created; and reserved it for the Messiah, and his generation, under the throne of his glory. Satan said to the holy and blessed God, For whom dost thou reserve that light which is under the throne of thy glory? God answered, For him who shall subdue thee, and overwhelm thee with confusion. Satan rejoined, Lord of the universe, shew that person to me. God said, Come, and see him. When he saw him, he was greatly agitated, and fell upon his face, saying, Truly this is the Messiah, who shall cast me and idolaters into hell. Reciprocal: Mar 2:28 - General Mar 10:52 - he received Luk 1:79 - give Luk 18:43 - he 1Jo 1:5 - that God