John 5:2
market: or, gate, Neh 3:1, Neh 12:39 pool: Isa 22:9, Isa 22:11 Bethesda: The supposed remains of the pool of Bethesda are situated on the east of Jerusalem, contiguous on one side to St. Stephen's gate, and on the other to the area of the temple. Maundrell states that, "it is 120 paces long, and forty broad, and at least eight deep, but void of water. At its west end it discovers some old arches, now damned up. These some will have to be porches, in which sat that multitude of lame, halt, and blind. But it is not likely, for instead of five, there are but three. Reciprocal: Neh 3:32 - the sheep gate Eze 40:16 - arches Joh 19:20 - in Act 21:40 - Hebrew Rev 16:16 - the Hebrew