John 20:1
first: Joh 20:19, Joh 20:26, Act 20:7, 1Co 16:2, Rev 1:10 cometh: Mary Magdalene, as well as Peter, was evidently at the sepulchre twice on that morning of the resurrection. The first time of her going was some short time before her companions, the other Mary and Salome - Mat 28:1, and observing that the stone had been removed, she returned to inform Peter and John. In the meantime, the other Mary and Salome came to the sepulchre, and saw the angel, as recorded by Matthew and Mark. While these women returned to the city, Peter and John went to the sepulchre, passing them at some distance, or going another way, followed by Mary Magdalene, who stayed after their return. This was her second journey; when she saw two angels, and then Jesus himself, as here related; and immediately after Jesus appeared to the other women, as they returned to the city - Mat 28:9, Mat 28:10. In the meantime Joanna and her company arrived at the sepulchre, when two angels appeared to them, and addressed them as the one angel had done the other women - Luk 24:1-10. They immediately returned to the city, and by some means found the apostles before the others arrived, and informed them of what they had seen; upon which Peter went a second time to the sepulchre, but saw only the linen clothes lying - Luk 24:12. Mat 28:1-10, Mar 16:1, Mar 16:2, Mar 16:9, Luk 24:1-10 the stone: Mat 27:60, Mat 27:64-66, Mat 28:2, Mar 15:46, Mar 16:3, Mar 16:4 Reciprocal: Jos 22:11 - heard Mat 27:56 - Mary Magdalene Luk 2:15 - Let Luk 24:2 - General Luk 24:22 - General Luk 24:24 - went Joh 19:25 - and Mary Act 1:3 - he showed Act 10:41 - Not 1Co 15:4 - he rose