John 13:4
laid aside: That is, his gown, or upper coat, ιματια, with the girdle by which it was girdled close to his tunic, or inner coat; and instead of his girdle, he tied a towel about him, that he might have it in readiness to dry their feet,and that he might appear as a servant. Indeed the whole action was a servile one; and never performed by a superior to an inferior. Luk 12:37, Luk 17:7, Luk 22:27, 2Co 8:9, Phi 2:6-8 Reciprocal: Gen 24:32 - wash Gen 43:24 - General Jdg 19:21 - they washed 2Ki 3:11 - poured water Mat 20:28 - came Luk 7:38 - wash Joh 13:2 - supper