Luke 4:44
he: Luk 4:15, Mat 4:23, Mar 1:39 Galilee: Many of the Jewish traditions, in accordance with Isa 9:1, Isa 9:2, assert that Galilee was the place where the Messiah should first appear. Thus also Isa 2:19, "When he shall arise to smite terribly the earth," is expounded in the book Zohar, as referring to the Messiah: "When he shall arise; ויתגלי בארעא דגליל, and shall be revealed in the land of Galilee. Reciprocal: 2Ch 17:7 - to teach Mat 9:35 - General Mar 1:14 - preaching Mar 6:6 - And he went Luk 8:1 - that Luk 13:10 - General Luk 13:22 - through