Luke 3:23
thirty: Gen 41:46, Num 4:3, Num 4:35, Num 4:39, Num 4:43, Num 4:47 being: Luk 4:22, Mat 13:55, Mar 6:3, Joh 6:42 which: The real father of Joseph was Jacob - Mat 1:16, but having married the daughter of Heli, and being perhaps adopted by him, he was called his son, and as such was entered in the public registers; Mary not being mentioned, because the Hebrews never permitted the name of a woman to enter the genealogical tables, but inserted her husband as the son of him who was, in reality, but his father-in-law. Hence it appears that Matthew, who wrote principally for the Jews, traces the pedigree of Jesus Christ from Abraham, through whom the promises were given to the Jews, to David, and from David, through the line of Solomon, to Jacob the father of Joseph, the reputed or legal father of Christ; and that Luke, who wrote for the Gentiles, extends his genealogy upwards from Heli, the father of Mary, through the line of Nathan, to David, and from David to Abraham, and from Abraham to Adam, who was the immediate "son of God" by creation, and to whom the promise of the Saviour was given in behalf of himself and all his posterity. The two branches of descent from David, by Solomon and Nathan, being thus united in the persons of Mary and Joseph, Jesus the son of Mary re-united in himself all the blood, privileges, and rights, of the whole family of David; in consequence of which he is emphatically called "the Son of David. Reciprocal: Gen 9:26 - the Lord 2Sa 5:4 - thirty Eze 1:1 - in the thirtieth Luk 2:4 - Joseph Rom 9:5 - of whom