Luke 23:29
the days: Our Lord here refers to the destruction of Jerusalem, and the final desolation of the Jewish state; an evil associated with so many miseries, that sterility, which had otherwise been considered an opprobrium, was accounted a circumstance most felicitous. No history can furnish us with a parallel to the calamities and miseries of the Jews; rapine and murder, famine and pestilence, within; fire and sword, and all the terrors of war, without. Our Saviour himself wept at the foresight of these calamities; and it is almost impossible for persons of any humanity to read the relation of them in Josephus without weeping also. He might justly affirm, "if the misfortunes of all, from the beginning of the world, were compared with those of the Jews, they would appear much inferior in the comparison." Luk 21:23, Luk 21:24, Mat 24:19, Mar 13:17-19 Blessed: Deu 28:53-57, Hos 9:12-16, Hos 13:16 Reciprocal: Lev 20:20 - childless Lev 26:29 - General Num 24:24 - and shall afflict Eber Deu 28:18 - the fruit of thy body 2Ki 6:28 - Give thy son 2Ki 21:12 - whosoever Job 27:14 - children Ecc 4:3 - better Jer 16:2 - General Jer 30:5 - a voice Lam 2:11 - because Lam 2:22 - those Lam 4:3 - the daughter Hos 9:11 - from the womb Hos 9:14 - what Luk 3:9 - General 1Co 7:26 - that Jam 5:1 - weep