Luke 21:21
flee: Accordingly, when Cestius Gallus came against Jerusalem, and unexpectedly raised the siege, Josephus states, that many of the noble Jews departed out of the city, as out of a sinking ship; and when Vespasian afterwards drew towards it, a great multitude fled to the mountains. And we learn from Eusebius, and Epiphanius, that at this juncture, all who believed in Christ left Jerusalem, and removed to Pella, and other places beyond Jordan; and so escaped the general shipwreck of their country, that we do not read of one who perished in Jerusalem. Luk 17:31-33, Gen 19:17, Gen 19:26, Exo 9:20, Exo 9:21, Pro 22:3, Mat 24:16, Mar 13:15 and let them: Num 16:26, Jer 6:1, Jer 35:11, Jer 37:12, Rev 18:4 Reciprocal: Psa 59:11 - scatter Isa 43:28 - and have Isa 64:10 - General Jer 44:29 - a sign Mat 22:7 - he was Mar 13:14 - then Luk 21:7 - what Act 22:18 - Make