Matthew 27:6
It is not: Mat 23:24, Luk 6:7-9, Joh 18:28 to put: Deu 23:18, Isa 61:8 because: The Jews considered it was strictly forbidden by the Divine law to bring any filthy or iniquitous gain into the temple. For this reason they now refused to allow this money to be placed in the chest in the temple, amongst the former contributions for its repairs. In this, they were right enough, but by the very act of refusing this money, they proved themselves to be gross perverters of the spirit of God's requirements: they saw not that it was much less lawful for them, who had hired Judas to this sordid action, to be employed in the service of the temple. Those that "bear the vessels of the Lord," ought to be holy. Thus our Lord's words, "Ye blind guides! ye strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Reciprocal: Jos 6:19 - the treasury 2Ki 21:16 - Manasseh Mar 12:41 - sat Luk 21:1 - the treasury Joh 8:20 - in the treasury