Matthew 16:13
came: Mat 15:21, Act 10:38 Caesarea Philippi: Cesarea Philippi was anciently called Paneas, from the mountain of Panium, or Hermon, at the foot of which it was situated, near the springs of Jordan; but Philip the tetrarch, the son of Herod the Great, having rebuilt it, gave it the name of Cesarea in honour of Tiberius, the reigning emperor, and he added his own name to it, to distinguish it from another Cesarea on the coast of the Mediterranean. It was afterwards named Neronias by the young Agrippa, in honour of Nero; and in the time of William of Tyre, it was called Belinas. It was, according to Josephus, a day's journey from Sidon, and 120 stadia from the lake of Phiala; and, according to Abulfeda, a journey of a day and a half from Damascus. Many have confounded it with Dan, or Leshem; but Eusebius and Jerome expressly affirm that Dan was four miles from Paneas, on the road to Tyre. It is now called Banias, and is described, by Seetzen, as a hamlet of about twenty miserable huts, inhabited by Mohammedans; but Burckhardt says it contains about 150 houses, inhabited by Turks, Greeks, etc. Mar 8:27 Whom: Luk 9:18-20 I the: Mat 8:20, Mat 9:6, Mat 12:8, Mat 12:32, Mat 12:40, Mat 13:37, Mat 13:41, Mat 25:31, Dan 7:13, Mar 8:38, Mar 10:45, Joh 1:51, Joh 3:14, Joh 5:27, Joh 12:34, Act 7:56, Heb 2:14-18 Reciprocal: Son 5:9 - What is Eze 2:1 - Son Mat 20:17 - took Mat 21:11 - This Mat 22:42 - What Mar 2:10 - General Luk 5:24 - that the Joh 7:12 - some Act 9:30 - Caesarea