Numbers 6:2
When: Num 6:5, Num 6:6, Exo 33:16, Lev 20:26, Pro 18:1, Rom 1:1, 2Co 6:16, Gal 1:15, Heb 7:27 separate themselves: The word yaphli, rendered "shall separate themselves," signifies, "the doing of something extraordinary," and is the same word as is used concerning the making a singular vow. - Lev 27:2, it seems to convey the idea of a person's acting from extraordinary zeal for God and religion. to vow: Lev 27:2, Jdg 13:5, 1Sa 1:28, Amo 2:11, Amo 2:12, Luk 1:15, Act 21:23, Act 21:24 to separate themselves: or, to make themselves Nazarites, Lahazzir, from nazar, to be separate; hence nazir, a Nazarite, i.e., a person separated; one peculiarly devoted to the service of God by being separated from all servile employments. The Nazarites were of two kinds: such as were devoted to God by their parents in their infancy, or even sometimes before they were born; and such as devoted themselves. The former were Nazarites for life; and the latter commonly bound themselves to observe the laws of the Nazarites for a limited time. The Nazarites for life were not bound to the same strictness as the others, concerning whom the laws relate. Reciprocal: Gen 49:26 - was separate Num 8:14 - separate Jdg 13:4 - drink not Jer 35:6 - Ye shall Lam 4:7 - Nazarites