Numbers 36:2
The Lord commanded: To one division of the tribe of Manasseh, a portion had been assigned eastward of Jordan; but Zelophehad was of that division, to which an inheritance was afterwards allotted west of Jordan; yet, expecting the promised land, the elders of the Manassites now propose a difficulty, upon the adjudged case of Zelophehad's daughters - Num 27:1-11. If the females should inherit, in defect of male issue, and should intermarry with other tribes they would diminish the interest, and weaken the influence of their own tribes, and give occasion to future confusion, and perhaps contention. The Manassites therefore referred the case to Moses; and he, by the authority of God, annexed a clause, which would effectually keep the tribes and inheritances distinct, as long as it was observed. Heiresses were not allowed to marry out of their own tribe, though within those bounds they might consult their own inclinations. Num 26:55, Num 26:56, Num 27:1-7, Num 33:54, Jos 13:6, Jos 14:1, Jos 14:2, Jos 17:3 to give: Num 27:1, Num 27:7, Jos 17:3-6, Job 42:15 Reciprocal: Lev 25:10 - ye shall return Num 32:27 - as my lord 1Ch 2:34 - but daughters