Numbers 29:39
do: or, offer in your set feasts: It appears from the account in these two chapters, that there were annually offered to God, at the public charge, independently of a prodigious number of voluntary, vow, and trespass offerings, 15 goats, 21 kids, 72 rams, 132 bullocks, and 1,101 lambs. But how little is all this compared with the lambs slain every year at the passover. Cestius, the Roman general, asked the priests how many persons had come to Jerusalem at their annual festivals: the priests, numbering the people by the lambs that had been slain, said, "twenty-five myriads, 5,000, and 600." Lev 23:2, 1Ch 23:31, 2Ch 31:3, Ezr 3:5, Neh 10:33, Isa 1:14 beside your vows: Num 6:21, Lev 7:11, Lev 7:16-38, Lev 22:21-23, Lev 23:28, Deu 12:6, 1Co 10:31 Reciprocal: Lev 23:38 - and beside Num 28:10 - the continual 2Ch 31:14 - the freewill Psa 119:108 - Accept Eze 46:12 - a voluntary