Numbers 24:6
as gardens: Gen 2:8-10, Gen 13:10, Son 4:12-15, Son 6:11, Isa 58:11, Jer 31:12, Joe 3:18 as the trees: Ahalim, "lign-aloe trees." This tree, which grows in the East Indies, is described as being eight or ten feet in height, with a stem the thickness of a man's thigh. At the top grows a large tuft of jagged and thick leaves, thick and indented, broad at the bottom, but growing narrower towards the point, and about four feet in length. The blossoms are red, intermingled with yellow, and double like cloves; from which comes a red and white fruit, of the size of a pea, oblong and triangular, with three apartments filled with seed. The tree has a very beautiful appearance; and a forest of them is said to bear a resemblance to a numerous encampment. Psa 1:3, Jer 17:18 which the: Psa 104:16, Isa 41:19 as cedar: Psa 92:12-14, Eze 31:3, Eze 31:4, Eze 47:12 Reciprocal: Num 2:34 - so they 1Ki 4:33 - the cedar tree Son 4:14 - trees Eze 19:10 - she was