Numbers 22:41
high places: Bamoth baal, "the high places of Baal," probably the same as Bamoth mentioned in Num 21:19, Num 21:20, evidently not far from Baal-meon, in the mountains of Abarim: for the Israelites were now encamped in the plains of Moab, which these mountains overlook. Baal, which signifies a lord or governor, was a name common to many idols; and probably here was the same as Chemosh, the god of Moab. Num 25:2, Num 25:3, Deu 12:2, 2Ch 11:15, Jer 48:35 utmost: Num 23:13 Reciprocal: Num 32:38 - Baalmeon Jos 13:17 - Bamothbaal Isa 16:12 - when Jer 19:5 - the high Mic 6:5 - Shittim