Numbers 20:22
Kadesh: Num 20:1, Num 20:14, Num 20:16, Num 13:26, Num 33:36, Num 33:37, Eze 47:19, Eze 48:28 mount Hor: Mount Hor was situated in Arabia Petrea, on the confines of Edom. It is described by Burckhardt, as being situated on the western side of a valley called Wady Mousa; in which are found the ruins of the ancient Petra, and which is two long days' journey north-east of Accaba - on the northern point of the Elanitic gulf of the Red sea in the Djebel Shera, or mount Seir, and on the east side of the Araba, the valley which forms the continuation of that of the Jordan. On the summit of the mountain is the tomb of Haroun, or Aaron, which is held in great veneration by the Arabs; which agrees with the testimonies of Josephus, Eusebius, and Jerome, all persons well acquainted with these countries, who agree in proving that the sepulchre of Aaron, in mount Hor, was near Petra. When visited by Mr. Legh, it was attended by a crippled Arab hermit, about 80 years of age, who conducted them into a small white building, crowned by a cupola, that contains the tomb of Aaron. The monument is of stone, about three feet high; and round the chamber where it stood were suspended beads, etc., the votive offerings of the devotees. Num 21:4, Num 33:37, Num 33:38, Num 34:7 Reciprocal: Deu 1:46 - General Deu 11:29 - General Jdg 11:18 - went