Numbers 13:21
from the wilderness of Zin: The wilderness of Zin, is different from that called Sin - Exo 16:1. The latter was near Egypt, but the former was near Kadesh Barnea, not far from the borders of Canaan. It seems to be the valley mentioned by Burckhardt; which, under the names of El Ghor and El Araba, form a continuation of the valley of the Jordan, extending from the Dead sea to the eastern branch of the Red sea. The whole plain presents to the view an appearance of shifting sands, whose surface is broken by innumerable undulations and low hills. A few talk, tamarisk, and rethem trees grow among the sand hills; but the depth of sand precludes all vegetation of herbage. Num 20:1, Num 27:14, Num 33:36, Num 34:3, Num 34:4, Deu 32:51, Jos 15:1 Rehob: Rehob was a city, afterwards given to the tribe of Asher, situated near mount Lebanon, at the northern extremity of the Promised Land, on the road which leads to Hamath, and west of Laish or Dan: compare Jdg 1:31, Jdg 18:28, Jos 19:28. Hamath: 2Sa 8:9, Amo 6:2 Reciprocal: Num 13:17 - southward Num 21:1 - the way of the spies Num 34:8 - the entrance Deu 1:24 - General Jos 19:35 - Hammath Jos 21:31 - Rehob 2Sa 10:8 - Rehob 2Ki 3:8 - the wilderness of Edom 2Ki 14:25 - from the entering 2Ki 18:34 - the gods 2Ki 19:13 - the king 2Ki 23:33 - Hamath 2Ch 8:3 - Hamathzobah Jer 39:5 - Hamath Jer 49:23 - Hamath Jer 52:9 - Hamath Eze 47:16 - Hamath Zec 9:2 - Hamath