Numbers 1:21
That a comparative view may be easily taken of the state of the tribes, we will here produce them, compared with that of the second census - Num 26:1, in their decreasing proportion, beginning with the greatest and proceeding to the least. Tribe 1st Census 2nd Census Judah 74,600 76,500 Dan 62,700 64,400 Simeon 59,300 22,200 Zebulun 57,400 60,500 Issachar 54,400 64,300 Naphtali 53,400 45,400 Reuben 46,500 43,730 Gad 45,650 40,500 Asher 41,500 53,400 Ephraim 40,500 32,500 Benjamin 35,400 45,600 Manasseh 32,200 52,700 Totals: 603,550 601,730 Thus we find Judah the most populous tribe, and Manasseh the least so; the difference between them being as great as 42,000. Jacob had given Judah the pre-eminence in his prophetic blessing; and that tribe was to have the precedency in the encampments of Israel: accordingly God had increased them more than any of their brethren. Ephraim and Manasseh, according to the same prophecy, were numbered as distinct tribes, Ephraim having the superiority, as it was foretold; and Joseph indeed appears "a fruitful bough." Num 2:10, Num 2:11, Num 26:7 Reciprocal: Gen 46:8 - Reuben Num 3:34 - General