Numbers 1:14
Eliasaph: Num 7:42, Num 10:20, Son of Reuel, Num 2:14 Deuel: As the ד, daleth is very like the ר, resh, they might be easily mistaken for each other; and hence this person being called both Deuel and Reuel, may be easily accounted for. The Septuagint and Syriac have Reuel, in this chapter; and in Num 2:14, the Samaritan, Vulgate, and Arabic have Deuel, instead of Reuel, with which reading a vast number of manuscripts concur, and which is also supported by Num 7:42, Num 10:20. We may therefore safely conclude, the Deuel, and not Reuel, was the original reading. Reciprocal: Jer 11:19 - that his