Nahum 3:18
Thy shepherds: That is, the rulers and tributary princes, who, as Herodotus informs us, deserted Nineveh in the day of her distress, and came not to her succour. Diodorus also says, that when the enemy shut up the king in the city, many nations revolted; each going over to the besiegers for the sake of their liberty; that the king despatched messengers to all his subjects, requiring power from them to succour him, and that he thought himself able to endure the siege, and remained in expectation of armies which were to be raised throughout his empire, relying on the oracle, that the city would not be taken till the river became its enemy. Nah 2:6, Exo 15:16, Psa 76:5, Psa 76:6, Isa 56:9, Isa 56:10, Jer 51:39, Jer 51:57 O King: Jer 50:18, Eze 31:3-18, Eze 32:22, Eze 32:23 nobles: or, valiant ones, Isa 47:1, Rev 6:15 thy people: 1Ki 22:17, Isa 13:14 Reciprocal: Jer 6:3 - shepherds Jer 50:36 - her mighty Eze 31:11 - I have driven Eze 31:12 - gone Zep 2:13 - will make