Amos 9:6
buildeth: Psa 104:3, Psa 104:13 stories: or, spheres, Heb. ascensions, Maaloth "upper chambers," which in eastern houses are the principal apartments. Perhaps there is a reference here to the various systems which God has created in illimitable space, transcending each other as the planets do in our system. troop: or, bundle, Gen 2:1, Aguddah probably is the same as the Arabic ijad "an arch, vault," and may here denote the vault of heaven, or atmosphere, which God "hath founded, or established, upon, or over, al the earth," and into which "he calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth." calleth: Amo 5:8, Gen 7:11-19, Jer 5:22 The Lord: Amo 4:13, Exo 3:14, Exo 3:15 Reciprocal: Gen 6:17 - bring Job 37:6 - great Psa 135:6 - Whatsoever Psa 148:5 - for he Isa 42:5 - he that created Isa 51:15 - that divided Jer 33:2 - the Lord Jer 47:2 - waters Nah 1:8 - with Hag 1:11 - I called