Amos 1:5
break: Isa 43:14, Jer 50:36, Jer 51:30, Lam 2:9, Nah 3:13 the plain of Aven: or, Bikath-aven, Probably Heliopolis, now Baalbek, situated between Libanus and Antilibanus, 56 miles nw of Damascus, according to Antoninus, and celebrated for its temple of the sun. the house of Eden: or, Beth-eden, Probably the village of Eden, in Mount Lebanon, marks the site of this place. It is delightfully situated by the side of a most rich and cultivated valley, contains about 400 or 500 families, and is, according to modern authorities, about 20 miles se of Tripoli, and five miles from the cedars. the people: Amo 9:7, 2Ki 16:9 Reciprocal: Isa 22:6 - Kir Isa 37:12 - Eden Eze 27:23 - Eden