Leviticus 4:18
upon the: Lev 4:7 and shall pour out: The reason for pouring out the blood, which is so constantly and strictly required by the law, was in opposition to an idolatrous custom of the ancient Zabii, who "were accustomed to eat of the blood of their sacrifices, because they imagined this to be the food of their gods, with whom they thought they had such communion, by eating their meat, that they revealed to them future things." - Maimonides Reciprocal: Exo 27:2 - horns of it upon the four corners thereof Exo 29:12 - pour all Exo 30:1 - an altar Lev 4:25 - put Lev 5:9 - the rest Lev 8:15 - Moses Lev 9:9 - General Lev 16:18 - General 2Ch 29:22 - sprinkled Jer 17:1 - and upon Zec 9:15 - the corners