Leviticus 19:5
a sacrifice: Lev 3:1-17, Lev 7:16, Lev 22:21, Exo 24:5, 2Ch 31:2, Eze 45:15-17, Eze 46:2, Eze 46:12, Eph 2:13, Eph 2:14 ye shall: Lev 1:3, Lev 22:19, Lev 22:23, Lev 22:29 your own will: The Hebrews had several kinds of offerings, which they called corban. Some were free-will offerings, and others were of obligation. The first fruits, the tenths, the sin-offerings, were of obligation; the peace-offerings, vows, offerings of oil, wine, bread, and other things which were made to the temple, or to the ministers of the Lord, were offerings of devotion; these constituted the greater part. They indeed were a shadow of good things to come, which we enjoy in full fruition through THE ONE great SACRIFICE, even Jesus Christ. Aaron must lay his robes away His mitre and his vest, When God himself comes down to be The offering and the priest. "