Leviticus 19:19
thy cattle gender: These practices might have been considered as altering the original constitution of God in creation; and this is the view which the Jews, and also Josephus and Philo, take of the subject. There were, probably, also both moral and political reasons for these prohibitions. With respect to heterogenous mixtures among cattle, it was probably forbidden, to prevent excitements to the abominations condemned in the preceding chapter. As to seeds, in many cases, it would be highly improper to sow different kinds in the same plot of ground. If oats and wheat, for instance, were sown together, the latter would be injured, and the former ruined. This prohibition may therefore be regarded as a prudential agricultural maxim. As to different kinds of garments, the prohibition might be intended against pride and vanity in clothing. Gen 36:24, 2Sa 13:29, 2Sa 18:9, 1Ki 1:33, Ezr 2:66 mingled: Deu 22:9-11, Mat 9:16, Mat 9:17, Rom 11:6, 2Co 6:14-17, Gal 3:9-11 Reciprocal: Deu 22:11 - General Luk 5:36 - agreeth