Daniel 11:6
the end: Dan 11:13, Eze 38:8, Eze 38:9 join themselves: Heb. associate themselves for the king's: After many wars between Ptolemy Philadelphus, king of Egypt, and Antiochus Theos, king of Syria, they agreed to make peace, on condition that the latter should put away his wife Laodice, and her sons, and marry Berenice, Ptolemy's daughter. king: Dan 11:7, Dan 11:13, Dan 11:15, Dan 11:40 an agreement: Heb. rights retain: Job 38:15, Psa 10:5, Eze 30:21, Zec 11:16 she shall be: Antiochus recalled Laodice, who, fearing another change, caused him to be poisoned, and Berenice and her son to be murdered, and set her son Callinicus on the throne. he that begat her: or, whom she brought forth he that strengthened: Her father Ptolemy, who died a few years before. Reciprocal: Dan 2:21 - he changeth Zec 6:6 - toward Zec 9:8 - because of him that passeth by