Daniel 11:19
but: From the preceding verses in this chapter let us learn: 1. That God, in his providence, sets up one and pulls down another, as he pleases. 2. That this world is full of wars and fightings, which result from the indulgence of the lusts of men. 3. That all the changes and revolutions of states were plainly and perfectly foreseen by the God of heaven. 4. That no word of God can fall to the ground, but what he has declared shall infallibly come to pass. For the elucidation of the historical parts of Scripture, it is advantageous to notice the writings of heathen authors: light is thus thrown on many passages of Holy Writ, by shewing the accomplishment of the prophecies therein contained, or customs elucidated, which, in the course of years, or in our more northern latitude, would be to us inexplicable. We have therefore reason to bless God for human learning, by which many have done great service to the readers of His blessed word. Job 20:8, Psa 27:2, Psa 37:36, Jer 46:6, Eze 26:21 Reciprocal: Isa 24:20 - and it Dan 11:17 - set Rev 18:21 - and shall