Daniel 1:4
Children: The word yeladim rendered children, is frequently used for lads, or young men (see Gen 21:8, Gen 21:14-16), νεανισκους, as the LXX render; and Daniel must have been at this time at least seventeen or eighteen years of age. in whom: Lev 21:18-21, Lev 24:19, Lev 24:20, Jdg 8:18, 2Sa 14:25, Act 7:20, Eph 5:27 and skillful: Rather, as Houbigant renders, "apt to understand wisdom, to acquire knowledge, and to attain science;" for it was not a knowledge of the sciences, but merely a capacity to learn them, that was required. Dan 2:20, Dan 2:21, Dan 5:11, Ecc 7:19, Act 7:22 ability: Dan 1:17-20, Pro 22:29