Ezekiel 8:2
I beheld: Eze 1:4, Eze 1:26, Eze 1:27, Dan 7:9, Dan 7:10, Rev 1:14, Rev 1:15 amber: Amber is a hard, inflammable, bituminous substance, of a beautiful yellow colour, very transparent, and susceptible of an exquisite polish. When rubbed it is highly endowed with electricity; a name which the moderns have formed from its Greek name ηλεκτρον. But, as amber becomes dim as soon as it feels the fire, and is speedily consumed, it is probable that the original chashmal which Bochart derives from the Chaldee nechash copper, and melala gold, was a mixed metal, similar to that which the Greeks called ηλεκτρον, electrum, as the LXX and Vulgate render, from its resemblance to amber in colour. Reciprocal: Phi 2:6 - thought