Ezekiel 46:13
Thou shalt daily: It is observable, that there is nothing said about the evening sacrifice, or the additional lamb, morning and evening, on the sabbath, which makes an important difference between this and the old laws; and is probably an intimation of that change in the external forms of religion which the coming of the Messiah should introduce. Exo 29:38-42, Num 28:3-8, Num 28:10, Dan 8:11-13, Joh 1:29, 1Pe 1:19, 1Pe 1:20, Rev 13:8 of the first year: Heb. a son of his year, Exo 12:5, Lev 12:6 every morning: Heb. morning by morning, Psa 92:2, Isa 50:4 Reciprocal: Exo 29:39 - in the morning Exo 29:41 - offer 1Ch 16:40 - To offer