Ezekiel 44:16
They shall enter: Rev 1:6 to my table: To place the shew-bread there. It is observable, that the table in the sanctuary is mentioned rather than the altar of incense; perhaps intimating the change in the external institutions of Divine worship which should take place before the accomplishment of the prophecy. It is not easy to determine, whether any external regulations, with respect to Divine ordinances, answerable to these predictions, will be made among the converted Jews, when reinstated in their own land, or not. Eze 41:22, Mal 1:7, Mal 1:12 keep: Num 18:7, Num 18:8, Deu 33:8-10 Reciprocal: Num 16:5 - will cause 1Sa 2:35 - I will raise 1Ki 7:48 - the table 2Ch 4:8 - ten tables Eze 23:41 - a table Eze 40:39 - tables on that Eze 44:8 - charge Eze 48:11 - the sons Zec 3:7 - if thou wilt keep Mal 3:3 - the sons