Ezekiel 44:11
they shall be: As few, if any, of those who, before the captivity, had been guilty in these respects, lived to witness the restoration of the temple service; and as it does not appear that their descendants were thus degraded for the idolatry of their ancestors; it is probable that a thorough reformation of the whole church, or the prevalence of pure religion among the converted Jews, is here predicted. having charge: Eze 44:14, Eze 40:45, 1Ch 26:1-19 shall slay: 2Ch 29:34, 2Ch 30:17, 2Ch 35:10, 2Ch 35:11 and they: Num 16:9, Num 18:6 Reciprocal: Num 8:19 - I have given Num 8:26 - to keep Deu 10:8 - to stand 1Ch 9:23 - the oversight Zec 3:1 - standing Zec 5:6 - This is an ephah