Ezekiel 43:14
the lower settle: These settles were ledges by which the altar was narrowed towards the top; and the whole of it may thus be computed: Height - in CubitsBase Eze 43:13, 1 To first ledge Eze 43:14, 1 To upper ledge Eze 43:14, 4 To hearth Eze 43:15, 4 Total Height 10 Breadth - in CubitsUpper ledge Eze 43:17, 14 For higher ledge Eze 43:14, 2 For lower ledge Eze 43:14, 2 For base Eze 43:13, 2 Total Breadth 20 Hence the upper part of the altar was only twelve cubits square - Eze 43:16, the upper settle, or ledge, being in all fourteen cubits - Eze 43:17, deducting two cubits from its dimensions. Though this altar was the same in height, and breadth with that of Solomon, yet it differed materially from it in having settles or ledges; on which the priests walked round the altar, to officiate in offering sacrifices. Reciprocal: Eze 45:9 - execute Eze 45:19 - and upon the four corners