Ezekiel 42:16
side: Heb. wind the measuring reed: Estimating the reed at 10+ feet, 500 reeds will be nearly equal to a mile; so that from this statement we find the temple, with its outbuildings, was built on a square, nearly an English mile on each side, and four miles in circumference. This not only far exceeds the size of Solomon's temple, or that after the captivity, which was only 500 cubits, or a furlong, on each side, and exactly half a mile in circuit; but is nearly equal to the whole extent of Jerusalem itself, which, when greatest, was but 33 furlongs in circumference, somewhat less than 4+ miles. This seems clearly to intimate, that the vision cannot be explained of any temple that has hitherto been built, or indeed of any literal temple, but figuratively and mystically of the spiritual temple, the church under the gospel, and its spiritual glory. Eze 40:3, Zec 2:1, Rev 11:1, Rev 11:2 Reciprocal: Eze 45:1 - the length Eze 45:2 - five hundred in length Eze 48:30 - four