Ezekiel 41:6
one over another: Heb. side chamber over side chamber, thirty in order. or, three and thirty times, or feet. We find by Josephus, that around Solomon's temple were chambers three stories high, each story consisting of thirty chambers; which are supposed to have been on the north, south, and east sides of the temple. and they: 1Ki 6:6, 1Ki 6:10 have hold: Heb. be holden, 1Pe 1:5 but: That is, the beams or supporters, of the chambers were not let into the main wall of the temple; but rested on projections of the outer wall, which became a cubit narrower at every story, leaving a ledge of one cubit, to support the beams. Reciprocal: 1Ki 6:8 - went up 1Ch 23:28 - for the service 1Ch 28:11 - upper chambers Eze 41:5 - side chamber Eze 42:6 - General